The “Globex” Business Model:
To achieve our corporate mandate to become the Number Two [#2] Brand of Business Centres in the emerging markets of Latin America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia – we developed the best business model in the industry.
Selected highlights of the Globex Business Model include:
A globally managed brand “fine-tuned” to accommodate regional and local market specifics.  We have “fine-tuned” the Globex global business model to the unique and specific “wants, needs, and customs” of your region and local market.
Geographic profile of centre customers: 60% regional and local / 40% international.  Emphasis has been placed upon the regional and local commerce due to the emergence of the large trading blocks/patterns between the countries of the emerging markets.
The longest termed and most exclusive Master License agreements in the industry (to ensure long-term stability of our network licensed centres).
Three Centre Formats to meet the specific needs and wants of the different market segments: Traditional; Hotel; GX Corporate Space. 
Globex MEAA Regional Offices (based in the UAE) to assist our Master Licensees with their operations and to drive brand awareness, market share, and customer satisfaction. 
Rapid expansion throughout the emerging markets via the appointment of exclusive Master Licensees and the opening of over 150 Globex branded centres.
The Globex Turn Key Support (GTKS) Program provides our Master Licensees with A to Z support to help ensure that their centres are successful from day one of operations.
The Globex Licensee Support (GLS) Program prioritizes three key components of a successful centre operation.
The Globex Regional Brand Development (GRBD) Program prioritizes the importance of building the long-term brand equity of the Globex brand of business centres in the emerging markets of Latin America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia.  
The Globex Business Plan (in its complete version) is available to perspective Master Licensees upon the completion of our standard “Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement”.